I’m a wife, mom, business owner, writer, and “professional volunteer.” I’m also a follower of Christ who asks God each day to “order my steps” and direct my path for that day. Some days are amazing; others, I fail miserably. But each day, along the way, He puts me in some really incredible situations in order to be a light for Him.I see God’s presence and hope all around me.

I’m also technically challenged, so the idea of a blog seemed beyond my ability. However, when Hurricane Matthew hit my town on Saturday, October 8, 2016, I knew that I could no longer avoid blogging. We are in the midst of devastation, and repairing the damage to both persons and properties will take years. The first post of my blog will be reflections about the fresh reality of life one week out of the storm. Others will reflect experiences and people I have met, and others will simply be my take on what is going on in the world, if anyone cares to know.

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